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    Course Curriculumn

    What Is domain
    What is sub-domain
    Types of domain
    what is hosting
    Types of hosting
    What is cpanel
    How to buy domain?
    How to buy free domain?
    How to get free hosting?
    What is wordpress
    How to install theme
    How to install plugins
    How to create pages
    How to create posts
    How to create category?
    How to create tags?
    How to create menu bar
    How to design page (Page Builder)
    How to create contact forms (Enquiry Form)
    How to add live chat button (Like whatsapp and messenger)
    How to install ready-made templates

    What is SEO
    What is Search engine
    What is browser
    What are keywords
    Types of keywords
    Basic terms of SEO

    ON Page SEO
    Site Audit
    Keyword Research
    Canonical Issue
    Page Titles
    Meta Descriptions
    Meta Tags
    URL Structure, Permalink structure
    Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)
    Keyword Density
    Image Optimization SEO
    Internal Linking
    External Linking
    Inbound link
    Outbound link
    Good Content Writing
    word count per post
    Google Analytics
    Google Webmaster
    Bing Webmaster
    Yandex Webmaster
    Structure markup Language

    Off page SEO
    Social Bookmarking Sites
    Classified submission
    Article Submission
    Web 2.0 Submission
    Forum Posting
    Search Engine Submission
    Directory Submission
    Photo Sharing
    Business Listing
    Google My Business Listing
    Questions and Answer
    Blog Commenting
    Press Release
    Infographic Submission
    Ahref tool introduction and it’s usage
    Advanced strategy


    What is Google ads
    Types of google ads
    What are keywords
    Keyword match types
    Negative match types
    Google Keyword planner
    Googe ad account creation
    Adword account structure

    Adword Terms
    What is Quality Score
    What is ad rank
    What is Bid
    What is Reach

    Google Search Ad Creation

    Display Ad Creation
    Setup of google display ad
    What is GTM
    How to integrate GTM with website
    Display ad remarketing
    Remarketing ad Creation

    Smart Ad Creation

    Types of YouTube Ads
    How to link Youtube channel with google ads
    Bumper ad
    In-stream ad
    Non Skippable ad
    Discovery ad
    Remarketing audience creation

    Social Media Optimization
    Facebook page creation
    Facebook group creation
    Facebook market place listing
    Facebook Event creation
    Instagram account creation
    Instagram account optimization
    LinkedIn Account optimization
    Twitter account optimization

    FB / Instagram
    Introduction of facebook ad manager
    Audience creation
    Types of audiences in facebook
    Types of facebook campaign
    Brand awareness campaign setup
    Reach campaign setup
    Video campaign setup
    Lead generation campaign setup
    Conversion tracking in facebook advertising
    Pixel implementation
    Facebook Remarketing
    Purposal creation for clients
    Social Media Report Creation

    Introduction to linkedIn
    Benefits of LinkedIn
    LinkedIn Features
    LinkedIn profile and its utilities
    LinkedIn Business Page Creation
    LinkedIn Advertising
    How to setup LinkdIn Ads

    Youtube Marketing
    Introduction of youTube
    How to create youtube channel
    What is YouTube Studio
    YouTube Dashboard
    Types of Videos
    How to edit video
    Video editing software
    How to upload video
    How to monetize youtube channel

    Twitter Marketing
    Introduction to twitter
    importance of twitter
    Twitter Advertising
    Types of twitter ads

    Introduction of email marketing
    Email marketing software
    Professional Email Id Creation
    Mail Chimp Software
    How to integrate mail chimp with WordPress
    Practical of MailChimp Sofware
    Template designing
    Email Marketing Automation

    What is Google Adsense
    What is the usage of google adsense
    How to get eligible for Google adsense
    Google adsense dashboard
    How to embed google ads on website

    What is affiliate marketing
    Affiliate marketing platforms
    Best affiliate marketing platforms
    How to apply for best affiliate marketing platforms
    What is amazon affiliate
    How to embed amazon products on website

    What is ORM
    How to write reviews for business
    what is the benefits of reviews
    Where to publish reviews for your businesses

    Introduction of content marketing
    Goals of content marketing
    How to write SEO friendly content
    How to write content for social media
    Best tools for content writing


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